Used Archery Equipment

We all know that buying used archery equipment or any used equipment can save a lot of money. By buying used, we can purchase more items and still stay within our budget. One does have to be careful in making choices because hunting equipment can sometimes be hammered when in the field.

All bow hunters and archers are constantly looking for different equipment to try and therefore usually will have excess or used archery equipment stacking up in our shop or closets.

We at Archers-Friend are no different. We seem to constantly be trying different items. Usually the older equipment will go to another family member, but sometimes it just becomes a space taker upper.

We decided to put a few pages on our site to advertise these items and our visitors a chance to get a deal on slightly used archery equipment or in some cases NEW equipment that we purchased and just did not get a chance to use before we found something else to our liking.

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We do not inflate charges like most places. We will only charge a very small fee for our time and supplies to package. It will depend on the weight of the package and the destination. Common sense dictates that only the lower 48 States would be practical destinations.

2005 Jennings 3.3 CK 1 Cam Bow

Only $225--Save Hundreds!

S O L D Thanks for looking!

This is a 2005 model bow purchased new in early 2006. It was the display bow, so it has been handled a little. We started rigging it up for the 2006 hunt and then found another bow that better suited our needs. It did not come with an owner's manual or user's guide.

We added the Simm's limb savers and string puffs, but did not finish the bow for hunting.The bow did have sights and a quiver mounted, but they were removed and placed on our latest purchase.

This picture shows the pull weight and length of pull that is set on this bow. It is adjustable, but your pro shop would probably need to do it.
Check back often to see our added used archery equipment for sale.

Here we have the Jennings factory tag with the specs.

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