BBQ Delicious Brisket and Ribs Fast.

I have been using the BBQ method of cooking meat for over 50 years. Through out that time, I have learned quite a few things NOT TO DO. But, I also learned How To Cook Brisket and Ribs "The Best Way".

The "Best Way" (at least to me) is to have Delicious, Juicy, and Tender meat and NOT spend all day or night cooking. In the old days, we slow cooked over a Low heat in very primitive cooking devices. Those devices required a lot of attention and therefore a lot of time.

Now that BBQ cooking has evolved into better and affordable equipment, I find that those long hoursare no longer necessary. I am going to share with you what I consider "THE BEST WAY".

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To start, I like to use liberal amounts of coarse ground Black Pepper all over the meat on both sides. I also like to use a reasonable amount (to suit your taste) of Real Sea Salt. This particular salt is MINED from ancient Sea Beds that DO NOT have the pollutants like today's sea water. It is already formed an is NOT Evaporated like most so called Sea Salt. Again, put the Real Sea Salt on both sides of the meat. (I have links to get the salt below in a carousel display)

You can also add a little Garlic (fresh cut is better, but the dried stuff is ok). I like to season the meat the day before I cook it and then wrap it in the plastic wrap stuff and leave in the fridge over night to let the seasoning sort of soak in. This is an important step to have great BBQ, at least in my opinion.

I like to start my pit (I use one with a side fire box) with a little charcoal and let the lighter fluid burn off. Then I place a couple small pieces of my smoker wood (I use Mesquite, but hard oak, hickory, alder, apple, or some other popular smoker wood will do). I want just enough to make smoke and keep the temperature in the middle of the Red Zone of my thermometer.

Once the meat is browned nicely (for brisket or large thick meat, you need to cut into it to see if it is ready to be wrapped). See the video for what I do. When the BBQ meat is at the Slightly LESS THAN RARE point, Iwrap the meat in tin foil. Be sure to FOLD the foil and NOT wrap it like a present. See the video. On my pit, the time for Brisket or Ribs is 2-3 hours before I wrap.

After you wrap the meat, put it back on the pit or put it into you home oven to finish "steaming". DO NOT let the fire get too hot at this point. Just keep the temperature at the LOW Red setting or even slightly below. On my pit, another 2 hours is plenty of time. To be sure, you must cut into the BBQ meat to look at it and/or TASTE it to be sure it is done to your taste.

I hope this helps make you the BBQ King of the neighborhood. Check out the links below for great deals and help us continue to bring you helpful information and videos. Thanks for your support.

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Here is How I Make BBQ the Best Way!

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