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We are a family of Hunters. Husband and wife, son, daughter-in-law, grandson, and granddaughter. Actually, the grandchildren are much too young to hunt, they just like to shoot their bows with their parents and grand parents and help watch for animals.
UPDATE--This year,2008, the grandson is old enough to hunt big game (He got an Elk with a Bow on the First Day Of His First Hunt with His First Shot, That's our boy) and both are old enough to legally ride ATVs with a license

This is our Grandson showing his form to his parents and Sister.
This is our Granddaughter showing her form to her parents.
This is our Granddaughter taking her ATV test.
This is our Grandson taking his ATV test (they have the helmets with the stars).

My wife and I began bow hunting several years ago when we moved to the Mountain West from Texas because my wife had a great job offer and I hated the awful humidity in Texas.
The fact that there is much public land in the West and most of property in Texas is privately owned which requires one to either own, rent, or lease property to hunt also helped in the decision to move. The cost of leasing property to hunt was cost prohibitive to the average family and we looked forward to the hunting opportunities that public land had to offer.

After meeting the residency requirements, we purchased elk tags and headed for the mountains for our first rifle elk hunt out West. Within an hour of legal shooting light, I thought we were in a war zone. The sound of gun shots and ricocheting bullets echoed up and down the canyons. I had not even seen a deer, much less an elk. The trees looked as though they were full of orange blossoms with all of the hunter orange clothing moving about. I recovered my wife and son from their hunting spot and we headed down the mountain to the safety of our home. Hunting public land within 30 miles of the city with only a nine day season was not as great of an idea as we had thought.

That is why we introduced ourselves to archery in general. The archery deer season starts in mid August and the overlaps the archery elk season which lasts into mid September to give the bow hunter about one month of hunting time for the general season. Then there is the late or extended season if you have not filled your tag.

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The temperature in the mountains can still be in the 20's at night, but we seldom have much snow or bitter cold to worry about during the regular season. All of this and the fact that it is not very crowded in the mountains during the archery hunt made for an easy decision to take up bow hunting.

During the past few years our family has grown to include grandchildren so our wants to include them in the outdoor and hunting experience has lead us to make some interesting discoveries relating to bow hunting and archery related products.

Please continue to explore this site and add it to your favorites list to return time and time again, as this site will continue to change as we add more and more valuable information for bow hunters, their family camping adventures, and product reviews on bow hunting and archery related products.

Our premier product is a variety of arrow spine testers for the bow hunter. They can be seen by using the link below in the index list or the button on the left. We also have a How To CD for those that like to Do It Yourself. That is the DIY Spine Tester button on the left.

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Archers Friend Arrow Spine Tester and other archery products help tune bows
Accurate, Affordable, and Versatile Arrow Spine Tester Tool to tighten your groups and make archery safer by eliminating wide spreads in spine weights. For use with any size shaft.
To Build An Arrow Spine Tester
Learning how to build an arrow spine tester is not brain surgery, it just seems that way.
Archers-Friend Spine Testers
The Archers-Friend Spine Testers Provide it All. Precision Accuracy, Quality Components, Versatility, Affordable Price, and a Choice of Styles.
Tools to build an arrow spine tester
Bargains on tools to build an arrow spine tester are hard to come by.
Bow hunting Equipment Guide
Advice in choosing your bow hunting equipment is easy to come by.
Camping Equipment
Large multiple use camping equipment is very expensive and is expected to serve us many years. In some cases these items may be a once in a lifetime investment.
Bow accessories and Arrow accessories
Bow accessories are an important personal choice. Making the wrong decision will certainly cost a few bucks, but missing that trophy of a lifetime is much more painful.
Backpacks can save the day!
Backpacks, fanny packs, and hydration control devices are necessary bow hunting equipment.
Bow hunting knives, saws, optics, and communication equipment
Bow hunter survival tools include knives, saws, optics, radios to communicate with your party or others in an emergency.
Bow hunting blinds and stands
Build bow hunting blinds or set up a tree stand to be a more successful bow hunter.
Hunting clothing and foot gear
Wearing the proper hunting clothing and foot gear can make your hunt enjoyable or a living hell. The choice is yours.
Odor control while bow hunting
A bow hunter must be more conscious of odor control than gun hunters. Personal hygiene is an absolute must!
Making arrows for your bows
Making your own arrows can be a rewarding and relaxing hobby or it can be a nightmare. Having the right tools and information makes the difference.
Archery research and bow hunting articles
A collection of archery research reports and bow hunting articles.
Archery terms and definitions
A glossary of common archery terms and definitions used by bow hunters.
Basic definitions and archery history
A brief archery history and definitions of basic archery terms
Bobcats are not hard to find while bow hunting.
By taking a little time, the bow hunter can observe the elusive bobcats if you know how to find them.
Badgers are fun to watch.
Badgers are fearless creatures and will take on animals many times their own size, even 2 at a time.
A bow hunting story about a calf fighting moose and deer for water.
A great bow hunting story must be lived, not made up. A young bull calf chases moose and deer.
Diet Supplements can be very important while bow hunting.
Using diet supplements or vitamins is almost a necessity while bow hunting.
Buying Hunter Gifts Can Be Easy With Our Suggestions!!
Want to get the bow hunter gifts that they will appreciate? Let our experience help your decide on the perfect hunter gifts.
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Tuning bows is the first step in becoming a successful archer.
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